Reviewing movies I like … mainly

Most of the reviews I’ve written so far have been enthusiastic, sometimes strongly, sometimes wildly so. In part, that’s because I’m self-propelled as a reviewer, doing it as a hobby, and I’ve found myself writing mostly about movies I get excited about. I realize that’s not altogether professional; “real” reviewers have to not like some things, at least; some I know (not mentioning any names) have built their reputations on not liking anything — though in fairness, I think that hasn’t been altogether … fair.

I’ve decided that as “the cash crunch of 2012/13″ eases (assuming it continues to do so) I’m going to resume going to first runs on a regular basis, and reviewing them, and I’m even going to intentionally go to some I’m not so likely to like.  Taking the words critic and criticism in the more traditional, negative sense, I’m going to feed my inner critic a little bit and see what happens.



There’s been a substantial gap between my last post and today’s, something over a month.  That’s for two reasons: I’ve been dealing with what a friend referred to as “The Cold of 2013,” in my opinion not doing it full justice; and there’s been a post-holiday cash crunch, which has limited my ability to get out and see new movies.  Some day I’ll figure out how to get access to free screenings and such, but I haven’t cracked that nut yet.  WideAngleMovies is, however, like me, alive and well.